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Laptop Paydays Review & Bonuses

Laptop Paydays is video training program tailored to help online starters to earn a stable life-time income from their laptops. Steve Kozynski’s video training program claims to offer the audiences lifetime money making training program. It is equally good for new as well as experienced online entrepreneurs. According to what this program claims, there are many ways of making money online. What can work for you might not work for another person. You have to make the right decisions in order to earn money online. Keep reading Laptop Paydays review for more information about the course.

Laptop Paydays Review

Laptop Paydays is a video training guide which consists of 5 modules. The training gives you the secrets of combining different ways of making money because Steve indicates that online opportunities are endless and no one can claim to have made enough money to retire from this business. The major focus however, is on affiliate marketing. You will be creating your own website, you will choose affiliate products (from ClickBank), drive traffic to your site, build email lists and will earn money.

laptop paydays review

How Does It Work?

It is a training program. As soon as you will buy it, you will be a lifetime member of Steve’s Laptop Paydays program and you will gain access to endless resources for affiliate marketing. As mentioned it has 5 modules consisting of 20 videos each. In total, you will have 100 step-by-step videos that will demonstrate in deeper details as to how affiliate marketing works and how you will get your share.

Is It Any Different From Other Affiliate Training Programs?

Like any other affiliate training program (Affilorama, Super Affiliate Handbook, No Cost Income Stream and others), Laptop Paydays also talks about niche selection, creating a website, choosing the right products to promote, how to drive traffic, how to build email lists and so on. I didn’t find as such any major difference between Laptop Paydays and other affiliate training programs. I am not saying that it is the exact copy of other affiliate courses neither I am trying to say that all the affiliate training courses are the same, my point is there is nothing so special about Laptop Paydays.

Yes, I have to admit that a major edge that Laptop Paydays has is that it has video tutorials. For those who love watching videos and they learn easily from videos instead of pdfs, they will surely going to love Laptop Paydays.

Another nice aspect of Laptop Paydays is that it talks too much about email marketing. If you happen to buy Laptop Paydays, I am sure you will end up learning all about email marketing which is extremely good. I mean who hates email marketing?

laptop paydays review

Will It Work For You?

The major concern of buyers is that whether it will work for them or not. Generally and honestly, it should work if you will stick to it. There is nothing wrong with the training and strategies.

Though I haven’t gone through all the videos which isn’t possible for me J but I have just skimmed through a few of them. Videos are very newbie-friendly. The course is basically made for beginners who are struggling or starting to earn money online.

You will learn everything in the course. A major issue, however, is related to web traffic. Creating an affiliate site or an affiliate blog is easy – you can do it in a few hours. But you will not going to earn any money from your affiliate site by just creating it. You make money when people visit your site and they buy something. You need traffic and this is where Laptop Paydays is not very strong.

It does talk about traffic generation but that’s too basic. The major focus of the training is on email marketing. You will learn to build email lists and then you will promote affiliate products to your email list. Email marketing is a good idea but it needs a bit of initial investment (like email marketing software).

In any case, you just have to stick to the training program. Do as it instructs you and hope for the best.

laptop paydays review


  • The training course is really good and it’s extremely newbie-friendly.
  • No hype. This is something that I really appreciate.
  • It is a video training program.
  • It shows you real affiliate marketing tips and tricks without much hype.
  • It has an intensive training on email marketing.


The only issue that I see in this training program is traffic. As said, you will be using email marketing to get sales and leads. Now for a beginner, email marketing can turn out to be a hard pill to swallow. Thanks to the decent training but still I don’t like the idea of getting sales via email marketing when the people are absolutely new to affiliate marketing.

Secondly, email marketing isn’t cheap. I mean you have to get email marketing software which usually have recurring charges. For newbie, this can be a bit pricey. I strongly recommend using IMSC Rapid Mailer. You will have to pay once for IMSC Rapid Mailer. There are no monthly charges.

Laptop Paydays Review Conclusion

Laptop Paydays is not a scam. It delivers on its promise and it will teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. This program specializes on affiliate marketing techniques with a focus on email marketing. If you’re lucky to have bought this training before buying any other affiliate marketing course, I am sure you will not have any issues understanding affiliate marketing and earning money via it. All the best.

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laptop paydays review

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