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Index Emperor Review

Index Emperor is a backlink indexer service. It will index all the backlinks that you have generated or you are generating at the moment.

If you are creating backlinks, then you must be aware of the fact that more than 80% of the backlinks that you generate are never indexed by Google or any other search engine. They are not found by any search engine EVER. You have to send signals to Google and other search engines about your newly created backlinks. Index Emperor will do exactly that for you.

Index Emperor Review

Index Emperor was basically launched to assist Link Emperor customers which is a backlink automation software. But anyone can use Index Emperor. It is not necessary to be a user of Link Emperor to use Index Emperor.

Index Emperor allows 50,000 URL submissions per day which is really high as compared to its competitors. It doesn’t leave any footprints. It is very safe. Index Emperor uses multiple pinging and RSS submission services to index your URLs.

index emperor review

Index Emperor comes with an API so it is not hard to integrate it to any other link building service. You can do it quite easily with a few clicks.

The entire dashboard is clean and very simple.

The Cons

Even they claim to get maximum URLs indexed but most of them will still take a lot of time to index while others will not get indexed at all. But this happens with almost all the indexing services.

The Pros

  • These guys allow 50K URLs per day which is really high. No other indexing service offers you such a high volume of URLs.
  • The dashboard is clean and simple. It is very easy to use.
  • One-click submission. You can use API to automatically import all the backlinks from your SEO software. You don’t have to import all of them manually every day.
  • It leaves no footprints. It is completely safe.
  • Links are pinged several times a day. Not only that they are pinged but RSS feed is also submitted.
  • If you have a blog or YouTube channel that is frequently updated, you can submit its RSS feed in the Index Emperor and new urls will be pinged. This way your blog or channel will be indexed quickly.
  • 30 days rolling money back guarantee Whenever you will cancel the subscription, you can request for refund and you will be refunded for the last payment. No questions asked.

Does It Work

Index Emperor works great probably better than its competitors. It is, in fact, the best indexing service that I have used so far.

But Index Emperor is for those who are creating backlinks in thousands on per day basis. Or for SEO companies and internet marketing firms that generate thousands of backlinks to their clients sites every single day.

Not a good option for someone who has a single site and creates a few backlinks every week.

Index Emperor Review Conclusion

Index Emperor is best for SEO companies and for all those guys who somehow generate lots and lots of backlinks every single day. Instead of creating high volume of backlinks and letting them die unnoticed, it is much better to spend a few extra bucks and let search engines index most of these newly created backlinks.

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