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How to Write a Top Quality Blog Post

When it comes to how to write a top quality blog post, you have to keep several things in mind. For newbie, it isn’t easy to come up with content that will blow their readers away.

Here are a few important aspects that you should keep in mind while writing an article (or blog post) for you blog.

How to Write a Top Quality Blog Post

The Title Matters

how to write a top quality blog postChoose title of the blog post very carefully. The title should convey a complete message, it should tell the story. Invalid, vague and generic titles do not work at all. If you can make a catchy title that is great but it isn’t necessary. Title must be relevant to article body.


Blog Post Must Be Informative

The blog post must be informative. It should convey the message completely. It should carry authentic information. Research is the key. You must do research and give references when possible.

Non-Generic Posts

I say it a lot. Avoid non-generic titles and information. Come up with something new for your readers. You don’t have to really write ‘an out of the box’ article but it should be a little different than all those blog posts that you will find out there at Google.

Length of the Blog Posthow to write a top quality blog post

How to write a top quality blog post is simply impossible without considering the length of the blog post. The article shouldn’t be too lengthy and it shouldn’t be too short either. Make sure that it is between 300 to 500 words. Readers start losing interest in the article if it is too long. The article must convey the message concisely.

Use Bullets & Headings

Using bullets, numberings, headings and sub-headings are indeed very useful for writing a quality article. Make it easy for the reader to find information as easily as possible. Give a sub-heading to every paragraph so that reader knows what the paragraph is all about.

Introductory Paragraph

Introductory paragraph is very important. Ensure that the first paragraph summarizes the entire blog post. Do not just jump to the actual content instead tell users as to what the article is about and what to expect from it. This way a reader will know whether it is the right article for him/her or not.

Relevancyhow to write a top quality blog post

The article title, body and conclusion must relate to each other and it must all flow smoothly. The article body must be relevant to the title. If the title is ‘benefits of green apples’ then make sure that the article talks about the benefits and nothing else.


Use simple language. The blog post must be written in a kind of non-formal tone. Avoid jargons. Avoid slang. Avoid using complicated words, phrases and sentences.

how to write a top quality blog post


The article must be correct grammatically. It must have no spell errors. It must be free from typos. It must carry reliable and authentic information. It must not be fluff.

With this, I am done with how to write a top quality blog post, and I am sure you are now in a position to write a quality blog post for your blog.

I wish you success!

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