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How To Setup Your First PPC Campaign

If your website does not get more than a few hundred unique visits per month via organic search, you have to think about PPC. PPC is a paid form of advertising where you pay per click. There are several PPC networks where you can setup your first PPC campaign. As soon as your ads will be displayed by the ad network, you will start getting traffic. You don’t have to wait.

PPC advertising is the quickest way to get instant traffic – but of course you pay for it.

So how you can setup your first PPC campaign? What are the factors that you have to keep in mind while setting up your first PPC campaign?

PPC Network

The most essential part is to choose the most appropriate PPC network for your very first PPC campaign. Never ever choose Google Adwords for setting up your first PPC campaign. It is very expensive. It is not easy to handle. Instead look for cheap PPC networks like Bing, 7Search, BidVertiser or any other.

After using a cheap PPC network for some time, switch to Google Adwords. Adwords is not for newbie.


Make sure that you have a decent marketing budget to spend on your first PPC campaign. I still remember I used 7Search for setting up my first campaign. I deposited $50 and they gave me $25 for free. I did all the testing and tweaking there on 7Search. The bids are very cheap. You can do all types of testing on a cheap PPC networks.

$100 is quite enough for your first test PPC campaign.


PPC is all about testing and tweaking. It will not work for you right away. If it does, you are damn lucky. You have to try different ad copies, different keywords, countries, timings and bids. At times, even changing a single word in your ad will double your conversion rate. Spend as much time on finding the highest converting ads and then take them onto Adwords.


What you are offering in your ads to your target audience is very important. Nobody will click your ad if you are not offering them with something for FREE or something of great value. Freebies, free reports, free stuff works best with PPC campaigns. Instead of begging to click on your ad, why not send them a free report?

Landing Page

A landing page is a must for your first PPC campaign. A landing page is the one where you send the traffic from your ads, visitors find more information about the offer (ad) on the landing page, landing page convinces them, landing page is used to fetch email addresses and a landing page is a continuation of your ad copy. Tell them more about the offer on your landing page with a strong call to action.

List Building

If you are setting your first PPC campaign without building a list, you are making a serious mistake. On your landing page, ask for email addresses. Give them a report or freebie once they provide you with their email address. You can use this list for the rest of your life because you know that this list is extremely targeted.

Your First PPC Campaign

You are now ready to setup your first PPC campaign. Don’t lose hope and keep on trying. At first, you might not get any conversions but with testing and tweaking, you will surely start getting conversions. Traffic and conversion are two different things. Aim for conversions and not for traffic.

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