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How Can I Work from Home and Make Money

Years back, when I came across the astonishing stories of people telling over the internet how they managed to earn huge amounts of money while sitting in their homes on a sofa, I used to be very skeptical. To me, these stories seemed too good to be true. People told about reasons why they opted for an additional income source, what compelled them to earn a few extra bucks for themselves and their families and some would even go to the extent by saying they are earning so much from their home that they don’t even have to pursue a 9 to five ‘side job’ or business.

Although, these claims seemed an exaggeration to me but at the same time, these stories started feeling tempting and I decided to give it a try. After all, it needed nothing more than a working internet connection, a laptop, a sofa to sit on and a few leisure hours to spare. In my case, I am a housewife, not really in need of looking for a ‘livelihood’ for my kids. But who doesn’t want to earn a few bonus bucks if it’s really that easy.

I started off by googling how can I work from home and make money? At first I felt a bit overloaded with the information over the internet. Too much of information can sometimes add to confusion.

how can I work from home and make money

However, I started sorting out things gradually, looking for something that could be easy and wouldn’t demand much of my time. I started off with 10 to 12 PTC sites which pay you for clicking the ads displayed on these sites and watching these ads for a few seconds. I also tried such websites as Swagbucks which pay you for such easy tasks as completing polls, taking surveys or even playing games. Although, the claim that you earn in seconds was true, it wasn’t a scam but there were a few reasons which compelled me to look for something else.

Although these sites did earn me money but they couldn’t earn me satisfaction or a sense of accomplishing something useful. These websites are great for those whose sole concern is earning some money for fulfilling their genuine needs as you do not need any special skill or lots of time. However, I was looking for something which could be better.

I had a flair for writing and it had always been my passion. So I decided to sell my words and started looking for sites that were interested in buying them. In my search for the worth of words, I came across many sites, two of them seemed really appealing to me due to their attractive interface, organized information and simplicity of use. These were Elance and oDesk.

Though none of them are merely for writers, rather they are among the biggest online marketplace for almost every single skill. You name it and you would find a job post related to that skill on Elance and oDesk. Just like every other skill, these sites provided a huge platform for writers with literally thousands of employers interested in hiring freelance writers for various niches.

These employers post their job opportunities for writers with a description of what they were exactly looking for. The interested writers then bid for the job post and wait for client’s response. At first I had a bit of difficulty in grabbing attention of employers as I was a newbie and didn’t have any writing experience to display in my profile. I took a few tests related to writing on oDesk and scored above average. I displayed these results on my profile and it worked. However, being a newbie, you are mostly asked to work at a low starting rate per article. But once you prove your worth and show dedication, you can move up very quickly. The clients leave a feedback for the work you do for them, and every positive feedback you get from an employer increases your worth along with your chances of getting better rates per article.

It’s been more than 7 years since I have been working as a writer on similar websites. When I started, it seemed a bit discouraging to me when I was getting low rates which I think I deserved. However, since I stayed committed and after all writing was what I loved, I was able to work my way up. Now the situation is, my profile has become so strong that sometimes I don’t even have to apply for job posts, rather, most job interviews are initiated by the employers themselves and as far as the price is concerned, I am getting more than what I ever expected.

Years back, when I asked myself, how can I work from home and make money, lots of opportunities popped up. But today, if you are asking the same question to yourself, let me tell you, the answers are even more plentiful and encouraging than they ever were. The opportunities today are uncountable. The marketplace is the vastest. The ideas are innumerable, and the pay rates are more encouraging than ever before. In my own opinion, internet marketplace does have a potential to act as most people’s full-time job market rather than a side source of income if you are capable enough to do a little research and come up with great ideas. You don’t have to be a guru to be able to pocket a few extra bucks. You can even turn your hobby into a source of income over internet. And trust me, there isn’t anything as satisfying as earning a few bonus bucks of your own by selling your skills and that too without having to work under a strict boss. Why not make your own schedule, choose your own home as your office and decide yourself how much you want to earn?

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