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Freelancing: Tiny Things That Can Make You Rich

Freelancing is hard, isn’t it? If, for you, freelancing is a hard pill to swallow, you are probably on the right web page that is written for people like ‘you’.

I have been making money online as a freelancer from last 5 years now. I am a full-time freelancer and I just love the way I work and get paid. I am working on sites like oDesk, Elance and a few others.

Let me be very honest with you, freelancing isn’t hard if you do it the right way.

Be Passionate

The only thing I’d recommend to freelancers and future freelancers is to be passionate. If you are not passionate about working online from home, if freelancing does not drives you, if you are not passionate about becoming your own boss, if you are not passionate enough to apply on job posts like crazy every single day, freelancing is not for you.

It is not about having the need to earn money, it is not about the need instead it is about passion. If this is what you love to do, nobody can stop you from making money even from the ugliest and poorest freelancing site in this world.

If you are not passionate, you will not get a single job even on the world’s best freelancing site.

The Time

To make serious money from freelancing, you have to have a lot of time. In fact you have to spare time to read new job posts (in your area of interest) and then apply on the ones that you think you are capable enough.

Most of the successful freelancers I know of spend on average 3 hours every day (distributed throughout the day) on reading and applying on new job posts.

Jack Of All Trades Usually Fail

One of the best advices that I got in my career is to be a specialist instead of a jack of all trades. A simple method to earn a lot from freelancing is to define and choose your path from day one. It doesn’t matter if you choose a wrong path initially, we all do that. You can always change your field/industry with the passage of time. The idea is to stick to one and only one field at any given time.

You cannot be a writer, a programmer, a web designer and an accountant at the same time. Imagine what a prospective client will think about you, your profile and a diverse set of skills will surely confuse your clients.

Client Relationship

If you are not building relationships with your existing clients, you are making a serious mistake that is costing you a lot of money. Yes, you are losing serious bucks if you aren’t building professional relationships with your clients.

60% of my all times jobs come from my past clients. There are months when I don’t have the time to apply to any new job postings just because I keep on getting new tasks from existing clients. The best thing, I do nothing special neither I ask for more work.

Relationship building has nothing to do with keep sending messages to your clients’ everyday and keep asking for more work, instead it is about being professional, meeting deadlines, getting the job done in the best way and doing more than what has been asked for.

Don’t Apply If You Are Not Confident

How many times have you applied on a job when you were sure that you are not the right fit for the job post? You waste your time, bid and resources on applying on any job that is not for you.

If you are not the right fit for any job, don’t apply on it just because you need a job. I see a lot of freelancers apply on jobs for which they aren’t even eligible and that’s just because they don’t have any projects.

Read the Job Post – Please!

2 in every 3 job posts on all major freelancing sites ask freelancers to respond to a specific question or write a specific word in their cover letters to ensure that they have actually read the entire job post.

Don’t you think it is really weird?

Apparently it is the sole responsibility of the freelancer to read the job post before applying on it, but spammers are everywhere.

What most of the spammers do is that they copy their best cover letter and start applying to the jobs without reading job descriptions. This is really a bad idea.

You can really make the difference and can get the job easily if you read the job post and by following all the instructions because most of the applications are spam and will not be considered.

With every spam and/or recycled cover letter that you send, you lose one client. If you are sending 10 cover letters a day, you are losing 10 clients every single day because if you have already spammed a client, there are minimal chances that he/she will ever hire you in future.

If a lazy guy like me can earn money sitting in his room from a damn freelancing site, there is no reason why can’t you? You just have to do all the things that matter.

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