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Fiverr Selling Tips

Selling on Fiverr can turn out to be really easy. There are 4 basic rules for selling at Fiverr. Stick to these rules or Fiverr selling tips and you will make a lot of money from Fiverr quite easily.

Fiverr Selling Tips: Rule # 1: Do not sell what you have instead sell what no one else is selling.

This is pretty simple. If you are an app developer and want to sell on Fiverr, search for the app developing gigs and see the competition. If there are a few gigs, step in and you can sell easily.

Same way, if you want to sell helium balloons, if no one else is selling it on Fiverr, you have great chance.

Fiverr Selling Tips: Rule # 2: Offer something better than your competitors.

You will be considered lucky if you don’t have any competitors on Fiverr. Usually you will have hundreds of them but only a few of them will be top-rated sellers with numerous positive ratings.

What you need to do is offer more than all your competitors. If you will offer less than your competitors, you have no chance. If you offer equivalent to your competitors, you have no chance. The only way in is to offer more than your competitors. Your gig will instantly catch eyes and you will have good time.

Fiverr Selling Tips: Rule # 3: Do not sell that’s already free instead sell that is not free.

It is the most important rule and it works every single time.

I have seen gigs related to an ebook on weight loss for $5, I will teach you how to write an article in $5 etc. Are you kidding me? Why someone should pay you $5 when the same thing is available for free.

Ebooks, video tutorials, mentoring, tips, advices and all other free things will not going to sell at all.

The idea is to offer something that is not free, that has demand and that is expensive. It works all the times.

Here is an example.

Get an account on a paid press release distribution site that is pretty famous. Start a new gig that you will submit their press releases to ABC pr site for $5.

This will work.

Your gig will catch eyes immediately.

And this is just one example (don’t try it as there are already a few guys offering it on Fiverr).

Fiverr Selling Tips: Rule # 4: At Fiverr, quantity matters more than quality.

This is a fact.

A buyer who is looking for 200 backlinks for $5 is not primarily interested in quality, right? And such a buyer will quickly shift to another seller who is offering 300 backlinks in $5.

At Fiverr, buyers are looking for cheap services and this is the reason that they are there.

BUT, it doesn’t mean that quantity is everything. Quality is also important but it is not of prime importance.

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