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Exit Splash Review & Bonuses

Exit Splash is a WordPress script that you can use with your WP site, blog, sales page, landing page or any kind of marketing page. What it does is that it shows a dialogue box with your message on it as soon as a visitor tries to leave your site.

Now it must be noted here that Exit Splash does not generate a pop-up which can be blocked rather it generates a exit splash reviewdialogue box with your message on it. These dialogue boxes cannot be blocked because these are the core part of all the browsers.

You can send the exit traffic to any page that you want to which will obviously increase sales, leads, optins and ultimately your profits.

Keep reading Exit Splash review for more details about this WordPress plugin.

Exit Splash Review

As said, Exit Splash allows you to show a dialogue box to exiting traffic. This dialogue box is a non-traditional dialogue box where you can add image, audio and your message. So there is no way that an Exit Splash dialogue box will look like a traditional dialogue box. This is the reason that most of the people cannot ignore it even if they want to just because it is too non-generic or I must say attractive.

Since these Exit Splash popups cannot be blocked, therefore every user has to view your popup before leaving your site. This means you have a great chance to communicate your message to your audience all the times.

If you know how powerful this tiny piece of script is, I am sure you will not going to miss it at any cost.exit splash review


  • No programming skills needed
  • The plugin can be installed seamlessly into any wordpress powered site
  • The popups cannot be blocked
  • The popup messages can have images and/or audios
  • Can be used for list building
  • The popup can be monetized
  • You can always use multiple Exit Splash pages
  • It comes with 8 Exit Splash templates
  • You get a whole lot of highly useful bonuses with your purchase

What Exit Splash Can Do For You and For Your Business

Technically Exit Splash doesn’t seem to be an innovative product but in reality what it does is really innovative.

Honestly for majority of the buyers, Exit Splash will not going to do anything at all. You have to use it the right way to get most from it.

If you don’t know how to use it or generally if you don’t know how to use anything for your benefit, Exit Splash will not going to do anything for you. For you it will be a piece of script and nothing else.

Imagine if you have the ability to pitch exiting traffic with something very compelling in an outstanding way (content-rich popups), you will surely see a significant increase in profits (ultimately).

Exit Splash itself will not do anything for you instead you will have to create a content-rich highly compelling popup for exiting traffic. Then and only then will it do the trick for you.

exit splash review

Case Study

Let me share a case study with you that I did specifically to test Exit Splash. The results were quite phenomenal so I thought to include the case study in Exit Splash review.

I used Exit Splash for a week on one of my blogs to see how it goes. I created 3 different popups for optin via a free report. In seven days time period, I managed to get 44 optins to my list. For me, it was very impressive. I haven’t pitched these new subscribers with anything yet so I didn’t earn anything from them. But even if I get a single sale from these 44 new subscribers, I will be very happy. Fourty four subscribers a week and one sale a week from traffic that was leaving my blog – that sounds great to me.

This means I will be able to add 176 (on average) additional subscribers to my list.


  • Onetime payment.
  • 60 days money back guarantee.
  • You have the option to create content rich popups.
  • The popups cannot be blocked.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Great for attention grabbing.


  • You can only use Exit Splash with a WordPress site.
  • You have to drive traffic to your site to see if Exit Splash does anything good with the exiting traffic.

The Best Way to Use Exit Splash

exit splash reviewOnly offer freebies via Exit Splash popup pages. The best thing you can do is get the exiting traffic to your email list, and if you succeed in doing so, consider yourself a lucky person.

There is no point in pitching exiting traffic with a product. This is a really bad strategy. A person that’s already leaving your site will not going to buy anything from you even if you offer a huge discount. So selling is not recommended at all.

Try to get leaving traffic to your email list by offering them with a freebie. This works great and you will have a potential buyer in your email list.

Another great idea is to survey your exiting traffic. Ask them why they are leaving your site? This will have twofold benefits:

  1. You will know why people are leaving your site.
  2. Positive brand image. People usually love businesses that communicate with them and ask for input. People just love it.

No selling with Exit Splash – only optins or suveys.

Exit Splash Review Conclusion

Frankly speaking, I love Exit Splash for the fact that it gives you a chance to communicate with the traffic that’s leaving your site. There are several ways to use Exit Splash.

The best way is to build your email list with Exit Splash. It works great. Even if you manage to get a few new subscribers to email list every week, that is not a bad deal at all because you already lost these customers. They were leaving your site (due to any reason), and now you have them on your list.

But of course you can use Exit Splash in different ways. Businesses are making huge sales with Exit Splash pages. It just depends.

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exit splash review

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