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Easy Paycheck Formula 2 Review & Bonuses

Have you ever witnessed a HubPages lens right at the top of the Google’s first page at number 1 place?

Ever thought of how it reached there?

I mean a HubPages lens is a simple article and if you are seeing that, probably 1000 word article, at top place in Google search results then there is something special about the article.

There is “something” that the creator of that HubPages lens knows.

There is something special about the article that you don’t know but the creator of that lens knows.

And it is just one example. Although there are different methods of reaching at the top place in search results but one of the most effective and easy methods is known as Easy Paycheck Formula 2.

Easy Paycheck Formula 2 Review

It is a system for making money via affiliate marketing. It is simple yet very easy to understand step-by-step easy paycheck formula 2 reviewsystem for generating easy passive income streams.

With this system, you will create your own page on an authority site like HubPages. Don’t worry, you will learn to write effective articles that will not let your readers click the scary back button. You will then learn to create internal and external backlinks. This will drive traffic to the page and then the visitors or readers will be converted to buyers.

This is the basic idea behind the easy paycheck formula 2. You will learn each and everything from A to Z.

The Author

The creator of the easy paycheck formula 2 system is Sara Young who is a mother of 7 kids. Amazed! Well I am impressed from Sara Young and what she has been doing. I am following her for quite some time now (in fact, one of the main reasons of writing this easy paycheck formula 2 review is the fact that I am inspired by her).

Sara Young is a full-time online earner and she has been making money from internet since 1994. She has a lot of experience under her belt. In 2009, she decided to teach her affiliate marketing methods to people. In her quest, she launched a few great products including:

  • Insiders Profit Club
  • Article Income Blueprint
  • Easy paycheck formula
  • Easy paycheck formula on steroids
  • And now easy paycheck formula 2

How It Is Different

OK, so why on earth you need to buy easy paycheck formula 2 when there are several other money making systems available out there to choose from?

What is so special about easy paycheck formula 2?

Here are a few GREAT aspects of easy paycheck formula 2:

  • It is very simple. Perfect for newbie and indeed very helpful for expert internet marketers. The videos, eBooks and the modules are very simple that anyone without any prior knowledge or experience can get hands on it.
  • You will start making sales right away. You can see results almost instantly. If there is no increase or even change in sales, you need to contact Sara Young and she will assist you because according to her “This formula has to work every single time and if it doesn’t work, you need to write to me so that things can work for you”.
  • There is no additional investment You just have to pay for the course and then you will be using all free tools to make your way to the top.
  • Perhaps the best thing about easy paycheck formula 2 is its tremendous support. Sara Young answers all the queries and emails herself. For her, customer support is very important. The average response time is around 2 hours, and this is what makes this program a success.

What’s In It for You

As mentioned, easy paycheck formula 2 is all about making money via affiliate marketing. When you will buy the course, you will get:

  • 6 modules (discussed later on)
  • Quick Start guide
  • An eBook
  • Lifetime support

You can start off with the eBook, read it and you are all done.

Alternately, you need to follow the 6 modules where you will be guided via video tutorials by Sara. These modules are effective for newbie as you will practically see how to start a new project.

Quick Start guide is probably for intermediate marketers who already know a lot about affiliate marketing. They can quickly go through the Quick Start guide for an overview.

There is nothing fluff or impractical in the modules. This entire course is practical by nature. By the end of the course, you will have your own campaign ready to be launched. Sara absolutely has left no facet untouched.

easy paycheck formula 2 review

The Course Modules

And now here is the description of the course.

The main course consists of 6 modules.

Module 1: You will choose a great affiliate product along with the keywords. Actually you will learn to choose a great selling affiliate product (probably the ones listed on Amazon) and keywords. Things are pretty simple and straightforward here. You have to follow a criterion and if an affiliate product meets the criterion, you can choose it – if it doesn’t, move to another one.

Module 2: You now need to create a webpage for free about the product chosen. You don’t need your own website or blog for that. It’s OK if you have one but the idea is to create a FREE webpage.

Module 3: By now you have your webpage developed and in this module you will learn to attract people onto your page. You will learn to build internal links and this will make your webpage look like an authority. You will learn a simple technique to attract Facebook likes, shares, tweets, comments and lots of social media emergence.

Module 4: Now is the time to get traffic. In this module you will not learn to get traffic from Google and other search engines rather you will get traffic from other sources. You will learn 2 simple methods to get buyers.

Module 5: You will now learn generating backlinks that Google loves. Sara will show you as to how you can get quality backlinks that Google loves. You don’t have to generate thousands of backlinks neither you need several months for organic traffic rather you will learn a great technique to get most out from minimum work in shortest possible time.

Module 6: You will now start generating backlinks with the method learnt in the Module 5. Generating backlinks with the technique that you learnt will give you a great edge over your competitors.

This is it. You have your webpage (on an authority site) on Google’s 1st page. You are right on the target.

Now the question is what if it doesn’t work and by the end of Module 6, I am not getting any buyers?

This is a very important question and Sara perfectly responded to it:

“You will see results very fast – usually a few days after your campaign is all set up. Sometimes a bit more. If you set up a campaign and don’t see any sales within 2 weeks, please contact me on my help desk”.

So there is nothing to worry for as Sara herself is there to help you out whenever and wherever you are stuck.easy paycheck formula 2 review

The Cons

  • Sara claims that easy paycheck formula 2 is a unique product because there is no other such kind of course available in the market. It is a very big statement and I personally feel that there are a few other affiliate marketing courses out there. I am talking about the ones that I have used.
  • The course mainly focuses on affiliate marketing. If you don’t have interest in affiliate marketing, it might not work well for you.
  • The course doesn’t include any information as to how you can setup your own website. You would definitely need to have your own website once being successful with authority webpage.
  • There is no automation. I mean you have to do everything yourself starting from choosing affiliate product to webpage creation to generating backlinks.

The Pros

  • What I personally love about the entire course is support. Sara herself replies to all the queries and trust me, she does. Most of the people I know and I have spoke to who are using easy paycheck formula 2, are extremely delighted about the customer support. The average response time is no more than 2 hours which is, I think great because for a single person it is indeed very hard to respond back to all the emails with that much speed.
  • The course really works. There is no question about it. When you will reach Module 6, you will be making money from your webpage.
  • All the Modules, eBook and videos are very simple. Each and everything is taken into account with extreme simplicity. This makes it a perfect formula for newbie and beginners.
  • Sara has left nothing untouched. She has discussed every minute detail in the Modules and videos.
  • The best part, the course is workable and is a practical course. You can start off with it almost immediately.

Does It Work

I am sure you might be interested in as to whether easy paycheck formula 2 works or not?

It really works for real. This is because there is no rocket science involved in it. The course has been developed by an expert affiliate marketer who has been in affiliate marketing for last 19 years. So there is no question about the experience and skills of the Sara Young.

Plus, it is a practically applicable course. Unlike other courses that will teach you and will set you free to choose your own way, this particular affiliate marketing course will take you with it. You will have your webpage developed by the end of the course.

Easy Paycheck Formula 2 Review Conclusion

The bottom line is if you really want to make money online from affiliate marketing, you shouldn’t miss this course. You will need years to learn all those techniques and methods that you can easily learn in a few hours from easy paycheck formula 2.

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