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Easy Customer Engagement Strategies

If you are able to engage customers on your website, there are fair chances that they will not leave your website quickly. When a customer adds to the bounce rate, it means one of the two things:

  1. The customer didn’t find what he/she was looking for
  2. The person landed on your site mistakenly

There is no third reason.

Customer Engagement Strategies

Better customer engagement strategies will not only effectively cope with the first consequence but it will also help you fight the second consequence too. Even if a person landed on your site mistakenly, you should have powerful customer engagement strategies in place so that such an irrelevant visitor should spend an ample amount of time on your site so that it doesn’t add to the bounce rate.

Know Your Audience

customer engagement strategies

I know it looks pretty bookish but we are not interested in the old definition of audience here rather when we say know your audience, we mean to know them in the real sense. It’s an old business rule that 20 percent of the customers generate 80 percent of the revenue. You need to find this 20 percent audience.

For new businesses and sites, it is really hard to find and know these 20 percent customers. You need to invest some real capital in market research.

For mature businesses, in-depth analysis of the user data will reveal the customers that fall into this category. If you have had even a few sales, try to find the trends. Try to know more about your current customers so that you can target similar customers in future.

Once you know your customers (and audience), then you need to offer them with what they really want, how they want it, when they want it and at what price they will buy it.

Reporting & Analysiscustomer engagement strategies

I personally know a lot of businesses that don’t know the power of reporting and analysis until they find themselves in deep trouble. Reporting, analysis and updating are continuous business activities that should be done on regular basis (preferably after every 3 months).

It is just about compiling the available data and presenting it in a meaningful report so that you can see what happened in the past 3 months and what you need to do for the next three months. This is one of the best customer engagement strategies.

Engage With the Customerscustomer engagement strategies

It is better to have 50 lifetime customers than having one thousand onetime customers. Don’t ever leave your customers once they are done with the purchase. Even if there aren’t any up-sells and you don’t have to sell anything else to them, you still need to stay in contact with them via emails or any other means you prefer. Sending them a few emails every month just to say them Hello without any sales pitch will keep the relationship strong, and this is what you need as a businessman, right?

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