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Dominating Facebook’s News Feed Review

Dominating Facebook’s News Feed – Get More Likes, Shares and Comments by Facebook Made Simple is a video training course that is all about getting Facebook likes, shares and comments without spending any money. Since it is a video training course, so you will learn the methods and techniques for dominating Facebook.

More about the course in Dominating Facebook’s News Feed review.

Dominating Facebook’s News Feed Review

It is a step-by-step video training course that is sure to help everyone dominate Facebook. Here is a condensed list of contents of the course:

  • Secret to create viral posts that get massive organic reach.
  • What type of content get most likes, shares and comments and how you can create ‘this’ particular type of content.
  • Free tools and resources that you can use to increase organic reach of your posts.

So it is basically a video training course that teaches you what type of content to create on Facebook that will find its audience itself.

dominating facebook’s news feed review


Facebook Made Simple has tried to make things simple for their students by providing them with a very feature-rich training course.

  • The secret to creating content that has the highest probability to get viral.
  • Minimal cost. All the methods, techniques and tools that you will use are either free or are very cheap.
  • Everything that you learn is practically applicable.
  • Step-by-step videos.
  • Real case studies.

How It Works

Dominating Facebook’s News Feed is simply a video training course that teaches you what type of content you should create and post on your Facebook Fan page so as to get maximum exposure and maximum engagement for free. You will also learn using a few tools that will help you create exactly the same type of content that is expected of you.

So it tells you what to do, how to do it and when to do it.dominating facebook’s news feed review


  • Very affordable training course.
  • Strategies and tools being taught are not only reliable but they really work.
  • No fluff. Pure useful and valuable videos.
  • Step-by-step video course.
  • The best part, all the traffic that you get is free. Who hates free targeted traffic?


  • Theoretically, it is a great business model but results will vary a lot from business to business.
  • Even if you follow all the steps and create content the same way as guided, there are still fair enough chances that it will not get viral. There is no fixed formula for creating viral content.


Dominating Facebook’s News Feed is a pretty simple, easy-to-follow and valuable video training course. For newbies, it is one of the best courses – I must say. There is so much in it for everyone especially for those who think that social networks don’t work well with traffic. Affiliates, internet marketers and businesses shouldn’t miss this course because it will tell you the shortest possible way to getting real targeted Facebook traffic for free. What else you want?

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