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Convert Website Visitors into Buyers For Free

Converting a visitor that lands on your site/blog into a buyer isn’t a piece of cake, and we all know this. There is no simple formula, equation or strategy for it. Even when we talk of a strategy that’s working perfect for one webmaster, the same strategy might fail miserably for your visitors.

So what’s the best way to convert website visitors into buyers and then into loyal customers?

Honestyconvert website visitors into buyers

Be honest to your visitors. Period.

If you try to cheat audience by not telling them the truth, they will turn away. Do you really think that you can hide the truth? Its 21st century and there is no way you can cheat someone on the internet.

The rule is simple, be honest and tell them the truth if you want to convert website visitors into buyers.

If there are up sells, tell them clearly. If you cannot deliver in 2 business days, don’t promise. If the product is out of stock, tell them. If it’s your mistake, apologize and compensate.

Are these rules really hard to follow? Yes, these are if you look at your pocket and if you look at the cash flow because you will see a negative cash flow, but think big. Look at the long-term benefits of speaking the truth. Every single visitor that will convert to a buyer will stick to your business like glue just because of your honesty.

Honesty also includes not hiding anything from the visitors. I am talking about stuff that’s related to the buying process or to the buyer. If there is a hidden cost, mention it clearly. Unhide it and you will see buyers will pay it happily.

Simplicityconvert website visitors into buyers

Be simple whether its website design, ordering process, product details or anything else. If you will keep things easy, it will get easy for you to convert website visitors into buyers. Don’t unnecessarily complicate the things. There should be a simple one-page ordering form instead of redirecting your customers to several pages before they can finally order the product. Make sure that visitors don’t leave your website throughout (and after) the buying process.

Make things as simple as you can on your site including content, pictures and videos.


convert website visitors into buyersConducting surveys especially popup surveys from visitors that exit your site without buying will give you a lot of clues why visitors are leaving. You can make things better. You can fix the issues which will surely help you convert website visitors into buyers. There could be several reasons that can force a random visitor to leave your site without ordering anything. You should know the reasons. Surveys are one way of doing it.


Don’t forget to update your site, blog, content and products in order to convert website visitors into buyers. If you convert website visitors into buyershave a blog, make sure you post regularly on it. Do you really think a person will buy from you if last post was published 3 months back on your blog? Well I personally leave the blog as soon as I realize that it’s not updated in a while. And this is what 90 percent of the people do.

So be very cautious about updating your site and that is just for the sake of converting more visitors into buyers. As experts say, it’s better to change the design of your website once every year because it gives a feeling to your regular visitors that you are alive.

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