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ClickBank University Review

ClickBank University (CBU) is a training course that’s created by ClickBank. According to the initial presentation, they claim that it is the only educational program that teaches you college level education to start making money online. To find out if it is really a reality or just another hyped claim and an overly hyped course, keep reading ClickBank University review.

ClickBank University Reviewclickbank university review

CBU is a video training course that teaches you four things:

  1. How to create your own product
  2. How to market your product
  3. How to recruit affiliates
  4. How to be an affiliate marketer and how to promote other people’s products at ClickBank

The entire course is distributed on weeks. Every week, you have to watch a few videos and then you have to practically implement what you learnt. You cannot access entire course all at once. You have to spend no more than 2 hours a day on the internet in order to succeed.

CBU Features

  • Entire course is step-by-step and arranged in a way that it gets super easy for beginners to learn and earn money.
  • The dashboard is clean and is extremely easy to use. No issues at all.
  • You don’t need any special skills including technical skills to start earning money on the internet with ClickBank University.
  • The main emphasis of the training course is to help you create your own digital product using ClickBank platform. The idea is to empower you.
  • You get access to CBU community where students interact and share information with one another. Community is a great learning place for everyone.
  • A very active Facebook page.
  • Basic as well as advanced training depending on your current level.
  • Quality traffic generation methods.
  • It comes with a builder that lets you create and host membership websites with a few clicks.

How Much Money You Can Actually Earn With ClickBank University

At CBU, you won’t be able to start earning money very quickly however you will earn money in the long-run provided if you are consistent.

Since you don’t get access to all the videos at once so you have to wait until new videos are unlocked, so even if you are desperate enough to become a millionaire, you cannot access entire course.

You will start earning $200 to $300 a month after you have created your digital product and you will earn more with the passage of time. So there is no questioning about the course content and the fact that you will actually earn money.

clickbank university review


  • ClickBank University comes from ClickBank which itself is a huge plus.
  • The course is created based on real case studies and is backed by hard facts.
  • Videos are short and move in a sequential order so you don’t have issues catching up with them.
  • ClickBank University community is very helpful and is a great resource for entrepreneurs.
  • The course is very helpful. Content and information is really high quality. It is not one of those courses that provide you with generic information.
  • They provide you with a free website building platform with free hosting so that you can create your own website for free with ClickBank.


  • It is an expensive training course.
  • Since you cannot access all the training videos at once therefore you have to be a CBU member for a few good months in order to get hold of things.

ClickBank University Review Conclusion

CBU is a decent or I must say very effective video training course that has everything in it that you need to succeed online. It is best for beginners, part timers and experts. You don’t have to be a tech-guy to start building your own digital product and this is the best feature of ClickBank University. It teaches you everything right from basics to advanced level training.

If you are looking for a permanent passive online income, you just need to grab ClickBank University.

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