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Best Fiverr Tips for Sellers

Fiverr is one of the best places where you can make money online with extreme ease. It is a very famous online earning platform. Fiverr has 1.7 million registered users and a gig is purchased every 6 seconds.

Fiverr is among the Top 200 most famous and most visited websites.

So from this perspective, Fiverr has a lot of potential. I mean there are millions of buyers on Fiverr waiting for you.

BUT the problem is it is not easy to sell on Fiverr because of the highly intensive competition.

Here are a few easy and simple Fiverr selling tips that you can follow to increase your earnings. And if you are not a registered user of Fiverr but thinking to start your career there, these tips and tricks will help you a lot in earning a few bucks.

Fiverr Tip # 1

Be unique. Be innovative. Be awesome in whatever you sell at Fiverr.

If you are offering something unique, or even if you are offering conventional stuff BUT in a unique and creative way, you have great chances.

Fiverr Tip # 2

Do not follow the crowd. I mean if you see that there is a seller with well over 30K sales in a year and you just get inspired from him and you start offering the same service. This is not just what you need to do at Fiverr.

Fiverr Tip # 3

Choose a niche or I must say an ignored niche. When you choose an ignored niche and setup a gig in that niche, there are great chances of success.

Fiverr Tip # 4

Do proper homework. See how many competitors you have. What are their strengths? How much they are offering to the buyers? What they are missing?

Fiverr Tip # 5

Offer what’s missing. Offer more than your competitors and offer what no one else (from your competitors) is offering to the buyers.

Fiverr Tip # 6

Sell something of value. Never Ever sell what’s already FREE. No one will buy the stuff that’s already available for free.

Fiverr Tip # 7

Look for the “buyer request” at Fiverr to see what buyers are asking for and what they need. Often, you might end up extracting a niche from these requests.

Fiverr Tip # 8

Try to sell stuff that is expensive and people need it but they just cannot afford it. Such an idea works best.

Fiverr Tip # 9

Promote your Gigs on social media, Fiverr Forum, Fiverr blog and even at other forums.

Fiverr Tip # 10

Join Fiverr Forum and be active there. You will get lots of sales from Fiverr Forums – trust me.

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