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Auto Mass Traffic Review

Auto Mass Traffic is a traffic generation formula that has the ability to generate traffic for you on autopilot. The traffic that will be generated by Auto Mass Traffic is highly targeted.

Does Auto Mass Traffic really work? Does Auto Mass Traffic really generate extremely targeted traffic to your site/blog/affiliate offer? Read this Auto Mass Traffic review for more details.

auto mass traffic review

Auto Mass Traffic Review

Auto Mass Traffic is basically a traffic generation course or I must say an ebook. The ebook is really informative and it contains a lot of information about CPV advertisement. You will learn following things:

  • Overview of CPV
  • How to setup successful CPV campaigns
  • Using competitor spy software
  • Testing, adjusting and repeating

So Auto Mass Traffic is about CPV ads and interestingly you will learn to do CPV advertisement on a single network which is a really cheap one.

Does It Work

Auto Mass Traffic will not going to do anything for you, it is you who have to do the real work.

Auto Mass Traffic is just a course about setting up cheap CPV campaigns on a particular network. You will get all the information you need to start and then it is all up to you.

The success basically depends on a lot of factors like your niche, target keywords, experience, target market, offer, product, ad and many other things.

Overall, it will work for you but you have to do some testing.

auto mass traffic review

Will It Generate Targeted Traffic

Again it depends on a lot of factors. The thing is if you will stick to the ebook, it will work for you but not necessarily. Maybe, the niche that you are targeting is very competitive, so in such a case you cannot keep the bid low and you cannot get a view in a cent that Auto Mass Traffic claims to do for you.


  • Too much hype.
  • Beginners will find it hard to get going with the Auto Mass Traffic.


  • Auto Mass Traffic is a step-by-step course.
  • 60 days money back guarantee so you can try it risk-free.
  • If used rightly, you can get a view per cent.
  • You can generate targeted traffic.

Auto Mass Traffic Review Conclusion

Auto Mass Traffic is not for beginners and newbie. It is basically for amateur internet marketers and for those who want to take their marketing to the next level. You will have to do a lot of testing and working to finally achieve the lowest cost per view and get targeted traffic for cheap.

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