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Attractive Popup Offers for Blog

There are numerous ways to get the attention of the visitors that are leaving your blog. Popup offers are one among them. Most of the experts and internet marketing gurus don’t like pop ups while there is another group of experts that is of the view that popup offers for blog can significantly increase leads, sales and opt-in rates. When used smartly, a popup offer can do the magic.

While a popup can bring in a lot of benefits for the blog as a whole, don’t forget that pop-ups are also very risky, as it has been seen that people don’t like pop-ups at all.

So what type of popup offers you should show to visitors so that they don’t leave your blog too early or without subscribing to your email list?

Popup Offers for Blog

1. Freebies

popup offers for blogThere is no second opinion about the fact that people love freebies. If you are offering them with something that is of value for free, they are sure to grab it. Freebies are among the most attractive popup offers for blog offer. A freebie could be a report, an eBook, a discount coupon, a free trial or anything that somehow relates to your niche.

When you are offering something free via a popup to the visitors make sure that you are offering them something that is of their prime interest. Irrelevant and valueless offers will not going to work at all.

Quick Tip: Offer visitors with a freebie and collect their email addresses so that you can contact them later. List building is a highly recommended idea.

2. Surveyspopup offers for blog

Instead of offering your visitors with something via a pop up offer, why not conduct a short survey via popup? Yes, it works great. No matter how angry a visitor is, if you will ask relevant questions via a short popup survey, it will be answered. This is one decent way to know why people are leaving your blog without buying anything, or why majority of the people leave from a particular post? You can create different surveys for different pages/posts.

3. Relevant Redirects

popup offers for blogThis sounds a bit tricky but it works great. You can refer or recommend relevant offers, pages, posts or items to people based on their interest via popup offers for blog. For instance, for all those people who spend 2 minutes on a page titled A should be shown Post B via a popup. Recommending relevant stuff to visitors via a popup that is based entirely on their interest helps a lot.

How to Use Popup Offers for Blog?

Popup Domination is a WordPress plugin that lets you capture email addresses via pop ups. It is an easy to use WP plugin. Click here to visit official site.

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