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Are You Sure You Will Not Be Hit By Upcoming Google Algorithm Update?

Every year, Google make changes to its algorithm around 500 times. This really is a huge number. Being a leading search engine and one of the most used corporations in the world with respect to digital marketing, you cannot remove Google from your digital marketing strategy equation. Google serves more than 80% of the global searches and this is why 10 out of 10 internet marketers and SEO experts depend so much on Google.

Google Dependency

With every single change in its algorithm, Google strictly penalizes and bans a lot of sites. The list of sites that lost their rankings, were penalized, sandboxed and/or banned is potentially very large. In order to stay in the game for a longer duration, you have to stick to Google policies and do exactly what they say. As long as it is the largest search engine in the world, you cannot go against it – for sure.

Even if your site or business does not depend solely or majorly on organic search and you are more into paid advertising or you rely totally on social media traffic, even then you cannot remove Google from the equation. You will always get traffic from search engines even if you don’t intend to because your customers are using Google, and there is nothing you can do about it. If you know that 83% of your customers use Google, you cannot just ignore Google. In fact if you are doing so, you are making a really bad move, strategically.

So the important question is, are you sure that Google will not hit your site next year, or a couple years down the road? Are you sure you will not ever be hit by Google for next 2 or maybe 3 years? Are you sure that upcoming Google algorithm update will not hit you?

What You Should Be Doing Exactly To Remain Safe From Upcoming Google Algorithm Update

Google is serious about one and only one thing, and that’s what we call web spam.

The ultimate objective of Google Inc. is to provide right information to the right people.

The equation is pretty simple, stay away from web spam and provide quality information to your users. It is easier said than done.

Web Spam

To be honest, this is the easiest thing to do. You just have to do things that are right and do them the right way.

Does it sound difficult?

A simple way to stay away from all types of web spamming is to keep your audience in mind while charting your marketing and content creation strategies. The rules are simple:

  • There should be no content spamming
  • There should be no link spamming
  • There shouldn’t be any other kinds of spamming

I am sure we all know what spamming is, right? If you know the difference between right and wrong, you know what spamming is.

The problem with most of the webmasters and internet marketers is that their main focus is, still, on link spamming. I mean they just try avoiding all types of spam links with no or little focus on content spamming and other types of spamming.

To stay safe in future from Google updates, you need to avoid anything that is grayish be it related to link building (like link farms, paid links) or be it related to content (spun content, keyword stuffing) or be it other types of spamming (cloaking, URL redirects).

It is simple. If you are not sure of the spamming techniques, you can Google for it and you will see hundreds of web spam methods that you should stay away from.

Focus on Information Sharing

Google mission statement:

To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful

A simple rule of thumb is to stick to Google’s mission statement, and you will always be safe.

So whenever you sit down to write a blog post for your blog, keep this mission statement in mind and ask yourself:

  1. What information you are adding to the already existing world’s information?
  2. How useful your content is?
  3. Can your users’ access content easily on your blog?

Simple isn’t it?

No, it absolutely isn’t, and if you think it is a piece of cake to provide answers to the three questions above and then relating to them in your every post, you are underestimating Google.

When you underestimate Google and its algorithm at any stage, that’s where you are making a mistake. If you will not comply with Google rules, you are probably challenging it. Google doesn’t like challenges. Surely it doesn’t have to because it’s YOU who need Google, it doesn’t need you. If you want to make sure that the Big G should need you, you have to make your site and your business exactly as Google needs and then it will get hard for Google to keep you out of the equation anymore – in present or days to come.

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