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2 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog This Year

A blog cannot make you earn anything if you will not going promote it. You have to promote your blog no matter what. Without marketing your blog, you cannot earn a penny from it. I have been blogging for years now and have helped several clients and people in setting up their blogs, I know how important marketing is for your blog.

The problem with majority of the bloggers and blog owners is that they just cannot afford to spend any money on marketing and/or advertising.

promote your blog

Let me clear one thing, when it comes to promoting your blog, it is not always expensive. You can do it fairly cheaply.


Use video marketing to promote your blog. You need a few quality videos, backlinks and that is all. You are pretty much set.

Fiverr can help you in getting those videos created for your blog. There are several video gigs on Fiverr. You can get a decent video created in under $20. Is it expensive?

Publish all the videos on YouTube and other streaming sites. Then start building a few links to those videos so that they rank better in search results.

Ensure that the videos have proper descriptions, information about your blog and these are professional created. Try to send traffic from videos to your blog.

This strategy really works. I have been using it for years. Youtube videos rank pretty much easily. Plus, it is a really cheap way to promote your blog.

Controversial marketing is another way to promote your blog. It is very effective but it is not easy. You have to write a controversial blog post about any latest trend, about a celebrity, about any news or anything that will work for your audience.

Controversial blog posts about celebrities work great. Choose any celebrity and find a controversial topic about the celebrity. You will find many. Just try to create a similar kind of controversial topic or news so that you have source for proof.

Make sure that the person or topic or celebrity that you choose is related to your blog otherwise it will be just a waste of time.

If done right, sharing such a post on social media will drive tons of traffic to your blog.

You see how easy and cheap it is to promote your blog via video marketing and controversial marketing strategies.

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